一般客戶需知 General Questions

  1. SOFT STEEL 購物流程
  • 將商品加入購物車
  • 建議客人參閱產品頁面上的資料,特別是「預計發貨時期」(I.e. Available in...)
  • 前往結帳頁面輸入個人資料及地址
  • 完成付款(成功後會收到系統的電郵確認,訂單一經確認,恕不能取消或修改)
  • 收到用戶的訂單後,SOFT STEEL 會安排商品發貨
  • SOFT STEEL 發貨後,用戶會收到電郵通知,可以透過追蹤編號(Tracking Code)查詢速遞的情況
  • 商品成功速遞到用戶的指定地址
  1. SOFT STEEL Shopping Process
  • Add the items to your shopping cart
  • You are suggested to refer to the information on the product page, especially the expected delivery period (I.e. Available in…)
  • Go to the checkout page and enter your personal information and address
  • Complete the payment (After successfully paid, you will receive a confirmation email sent by system. Once the order is confirmed, you cannot cancel and/or change it)
  • After receiving your order, SOFT STEEL will arrange the product delivery
  • Once your product is shipped, you will receive an email notification with a tracking code, and you can use it to check your delivery status
  • Your product will be successfully delivered to your address specified


付款方法 Payment Method

  1. 在 SOFT STEEL 購物時,我能以甚麼方式付款呢?
  • Shopify Payments:透過Shopify Payments,可以利用 VISA、Master、American Express 或 Shopify Pay 帳戶內的餘額付款。
  • Paypal:透過Paypal,可以利用 VISA、Master、American Express 或 Paypal 帳戶內的餘額付款。
  1. How can I pay when I shop at SOFT STEEL?
  • Shopify Payments: Through Shopify Payments, you can pay by the balance in your VISA, Master, American Express or Shopify Pay account.
  • Paypal: Through Paypal, you can pay by the balance in your VISA, Master, American Express or Paypal account.
  1. 使用Shopify Payments / Paypal付款安全嗎?
  • 安全,因為 Shopify Payments / Paypal 是使用加密的伺服器來處理有關的付款,而且無需將信用卡資料直接提供給賣家。
  1. Is payment secure using Shopify Payments / Paypal?
  • Yes, it is secure, because Shopify Payments / Paypal uses an encrypted   server to process payment and it does not need credit card information be directly sent to the seller.
  1. 我的訂單將以那種貨幣結算?
  • 以美元(USD)計算。
  1. In which currency will my order be settled?
  • In US dollars (USD).


有關商品的寄貨及運費安排 Product Delivery and Shipping Fee Arrangement

  1. SOFT STEEL 寄貨方式
  • 香港、澳門、台灣及中國內地:一般以「順豐速運」的「到付形式」寄貨,運費將由順豐的速遞員在派件時向收貨人收取。
  • 其他海外地區(例如泰國、新加坡、美國,歐洲和澳洲等):一般以「香港郵政」寄貨,運費將在客人下訂單時連同產品的價錢一同收取。
  1. SOFT STEEL Delivery Method
  • For Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China: Normally, goods are delivered by “SF Express” in the form of “Collect on delivery (COD)”, which means the freight charges will be collected by the courier at the time of dispatch.
  • For other overseas regions (Eg. Thailand, Singapore, the United States, Europe and Australia): Generally, goods are delivered by “Hong Kong Post”. The freight fee will be charged when customers place their order.
  1. 網上顯示的產品價格有包含運費嗎?
  • 沒有。
  1. Does the product price displayed on the website include shipping charges?
  • No.
  1. 一般運費是多少?
  • 「順豐速運」:一般工商廈的運費大約是 HKD$28,而直送住宅是會額外收費,一切以順豐的最新價目為準。
  • 「香港郵政」:運費一般為 HKD$80,將在客人下訂單時連同產品的價錢一同收取。     
  1. How much is the general freight fee?
  • “SF Express”:  Generally, the freight fee is about HKD$28 for industrial and commercial buildings. For residential buildings, there will be an extra charge for direct delivery. Please refer to the latest quotation provided by SF Express.
  • “Hong Kong Post”: Generally, the freight fee is about HKD$80, which will be charged when you place your order together with the price of the product.
  1. 成功下訂單及付錢後,我何時能收到貨品?
  • 客人下訂單前,請注意寫在產品資料頁面的「預計發貨時期」。
    例子A:「預計於2019年Q1發貨」— 大概在2019年1-3月發貨
    例子B:「Available in Early May 2019」 — 大概在2019年5月初發貨
  1. After successfully placing my order and completing the payment, when can I receive the goods?
  • Before placing your order, please note the expected delivery period written on the product page (I.e. Available in…).
    Example A: “Available in 2019 Q1” — Products will be shipped at about Jan-Mar 2019
    Example B: “Available in Early May 2019” — Products will be shipped at about Early May 2019
  1. 貨品寄出後,我會收到通知嗎?
  1. Will I receive a notification after my product is shipped?
  1. 為何我在「順豐速運」/「香港郵政」查詢不到我的運單追蹤號/郵件編號?
  • 一,可能是因為「順豐速運」/「香港郵政」已收到貨品,但未還正輪候派貨,所以未正式把客人的貨品寄出。
  1. Why can’t I track my goods through “SF Express” / “Hong Kong Post”?
  • First, possibly, “SF Express” / “Hong Kong Post” has already received the goods, but it has not started to arrange delivery yet, so the goods have not been officially sent out.
    Second, possibly because of the holidays, “SF Express” / “Hong Kong Post” has not updated the delivery status online.
    (Above are problems often. If you still cannot successfully track your delivery few days later, please contact us.)
  1. 成功下訂單及付錢後,我可以更改地址嗎?
  • 請客人透過 info.softsteel@gmail.com 告訴我們訂單編號及新的地址,如果貨品未正式寄出,我們會盡量幫客人更改。
  1. Can I change my address after successfully placing an order and completing my payment?
  • Please tell us your order no. and new address through info.softsteel@gmail.com. If your products have not officially sent out, we will try our best to change for you.


有關產品損壞及退貨安排 Product Damage and Return Arrangements

  1. 收到貨品後,發現有損壞或脫漆等問題,怎麼辦?
  • 請先透過 info.softsteel@gmail.com 聯絡我們,給我們你的訂單號碼並拍照損壞的部份,確認出錯的情況後,客戶服務的同事會請客人把壞掉的產品以「順豐速運」的到付形式寄回 SOFT STEEL 辦公室,儘快以一換一地再安排補寄服務。
  1. After receiving the product, I found that it was damaged or the color was rubbed off. What can I do?
  • Please contact us at info.softsteel@gmail.com, inform us your order no. and take pictures of the damaged part(s). After confirming the damages, our customer service colleague will ask you to send the broken product back to SOFT STEEL office by SF Express in the form of “Collect on delivery (COD)”. Then, we will ship a whole new one to you ASAP.
  1. 收到貨品後,發現寄漏了相關的配件,怎麼辦?
  • 請先透過 info.softsteel@gmail.com 聯絡我們並提供你的訂單號碼,確認出錯的情況後,客戶服務的同事會儘快為你安排補寄服務。
  1. After receiving the product, I found that there were some missing accessories. What can I do?
  • Please contact us at info.softsteel@gmail.com and provide your order no. After confirming the mistake, our customer service colleague will arrange to send back the missing items to you ASAP.
  1.  收到貨品後,發現寄來的不是我當初訂的產品,怎麼辦?
  • 請先透過 info.softsteel@gmail.com 聯絡我們並提供你的訂單號碼,確認出錯的情況後,客戶服務的同事會教客人以順豐速運的到付形式把產品寄回 SOFT STEEL 辦公室,再儘快安排補寄服務。
  1. After receiving the product, I found that it was not the product I originally ordered. What should I do?
  • Please contact as at info.softsteel@gmail.com and provide your order no. After confirming the mistakes, our customer service colleague will assist you to return the product back to SOFT STEEL office by SF Express in the form of “Collect on delivery (COD)”. After receiving the mistaken product, we will arrange to send back your original product ASAP.