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After the Battle of the Nine Realms, mankind built the development type fighter armor with the mechanical skeletons from different realms. B-Tank was developed from Type I (A-Tank), which is mainly used for transportation, combined with the technology from other realms to achieve the effect of camouflage stealth, suitable for secret missions.


於九界大戰戰後,人類以不同界別的機械骸骨 所建造的開發型戰鬥機甲。以搬運為主要用途的坦克機甲I型作為藍本而開發的,配合其他界別的技術做到迷彩隱身的效果,適合極密任務

Size: ~24cm tall
Material: Soft Vinyl
Available in Jun 2022
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China

Deliver on Jun