Cosmad - Quartz Crystal

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Cosmad has absorbed power from the rare Gem and Crystal in the galaxy, which has transformed into 2 new colour. Soft Steel & Happfactory has given fans a fresh start in 2020, by introducing COSMAD - Golden Black/Quartz Crystal, especially Crystal Cosmad included a “Flashing Light” Effect in its body!

Cosmad吸收了宇宙中稀有的寶石和水晶的能量,這些能量已轉化兩種新型態。Soft Steel x Happfactory在2020年為粉絲帶來第一炮 - 黑金/水晶配色,當中水晶Cosmad身體更加入閃光燈功能!

Size : 20.5cm
Material : Soft Vinyl
Colour: Quartz Crystal
Available in Janurary 2019
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China