Hellbot Chaser

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期待已久,Soft Steel宣布推出新的地獄機甲 - 「追擊者」版本, 藍色和黃色與生鏽鋼效果形成強烈對比,除了原有的右手火焰拳頭外,這款還包含提全新開發的拳頭部件,可以互相更換。

“It’s a sure defeat when you stop trying!”

Has been long wait for fans and Soft Steel is excited to announce new Hellbot - CHASER. The blue and yellow contrasted with rusted steel effect, apart from the original right-hand fist, soft steel also offers a new develop fist part for this version, which allows to exchange.

Size : 25.5cm tall
Material : Soft Vinyl
Available in Early-October 2020
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China