Hellbot Tron

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速度 - 使我們想起了汽車,尤其是當看到陽極氧化鈦排氣管上的特殊顏色時,Soft Steel帶給地獄機甲全新的「創」版本,將這鈦排氣管的特殊顏色混合在地獄機甲身軀上。

Titanium ATTACK!
The colour of "Speed" reminds us motor-vehicles, especially when seeing the special colour on anodized titanium exhaust, soft steel mix Hellbot's body on this special colour effect, by bringing fans the "TRON" version.

Size : 25.5cm tall
Material : Soft Vinyl
Available in End-May 2020
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China