Iron Daruma mini vol.1

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「機械達磨mini - Vol.1」- 產品資訊 
定價: HKD 69 / TWD 280 / RMB 65
中盒價錢:HKD 414 
單盒:90 X 70 X 70 mm 
中盒 (一盒六只):210 X 93 X 142 mm 


The Iron Daruma MINI Series Vol.1 comprises six distinct iron darumas, each carrying its own symbolic meaning. Through the use of techniques such as luminous, transparency, and metallic finishes. Each iron daruma possesses a unique charm. With exquisite designed shapes and intricate details, these darumas allow players to customize their collections according to personal preferences, showcasing individual styles and personalities. 


 “ The Origin of Iron Daruma “ 

Using pure white sand as the raw material, the iron darumas naturally emerge and cover the entire white desert.  

After a "wanderer" touches the iron daruma they have discovered, they impart their "soul" upon it, giving life into the daruma. 

The iron darumas that absorb the "soul" will undergo transformations based on the giver's "wish",  

bringing blessings to their owners. 
The SOFTSTEEL Iron Daruma MINI will deliver moments of blessings and self-expression. Get ready to embrace the future and encounter your very own iron daruma! 



"Iron Daruma MINI - Vol.1" - Product Information 

Launch Date: 1st February, 2024  

Price: HKD 69 / TWD 280 / RMB 65  

Box Set Price: HKD 414 / TWD 1680 / RMB 390  

Product Size: 90 X 70 X 70 mm  

Box Set Size: 210 X 93 X 142 mm