Soft Steel - Cosmad THE MOBILE SUIT「機動戰號」

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In the year Universal Century, and the space colonies have declared wars on the Earth, in one of these colonies, while the Earth Federation team is testing a new robot for use in the battle against the space colonies. The experimental "Cosmad - The Mobile Suit" is forced into combat with a civilian pilot and an untested crew before it can be transported to the Federation's HQ on Earth. Could "Cosmad" take this mission and save the Earth?

在宇宙世紀,太空殖民地向地球宣戰,而地球聯邦團隊正測試一種新型機器人,用於與太空殖民地的戰鬥。實驗性的 Cosmad - 機動戰號 在被運送到地球上的聯邦總部之前,平民飛行員及機組人員進行戰鬥測試。究竟「機動戰號Cosmad」能否承擔這項任務並拯救地球?

Size : 20.5cm
Material : Soft Vinyl
Colour: Mobile Suit
Available in February 2020
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China