Soft Steel - Hellbot Eclipse

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Beware when lunar eclipse......

The reddish tinge, the Full Moon takes on when fully eclipsed, this is also the moment when Hellbot has been call out. Inspired by the signature “Hellboy” colour, soft steel brings Hellbot a reddish highlights, with a battle damaged steel effect on it’s body. Hellbot ECLIPSE is ready for you.


略帶偏紅的顏色,在完全月蝕之下,這也是「地獄機甲」被召喚的時刻。 受到標誌性的“地獄男爵(Hellboy)”的啟發,soft steel為Hellbot帶來了亮點紅色,並在其身體上加上具有戰鬥受損的鋼鐵效果。「地獄機甲.赤月」已經準備就緒!

Size : 25.5
Material : Soft Vinyl
Colour: Eclipse
Available in Mid-April 2020
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China