Soft Steel - Hellbot HOTSTEEL「地獄機甲 炎紋」

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When the Beast is in anger, Fire goes around it’s body...While the temperature gets higher, the burning-steel covered by a bunch of flame, and here comes Hellbot is ready to EXPLODE! Soft Steel added flame element into the steel body, and Hellbot will be shown in the form of "HOTSTEEL".

當野獸發怒時,火焰會在它的身體周邊蔓延。當溫度提升中,燃燒中的鋼鐵身體被一束束火焰覆蓋,而 地獄機甲 準備爆發了!Soft Steel在鋼鐵機體加入火焰元素,地獄機甲將以「炎紋」形態示人。

Size : 25.5
Material : Soft Vinyl
Colour: Hotsteel
Available in February 2020
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China